Introduction to Investment Planning, 2nd Edition

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Introduction to Investment Planning provides key insights on the theory and practice of investment planning for today’s ever-changing academic environment.

In addition to focusing on the basics of investment transactions, this title is structured around the concepts and practices that students are most likely to encounter while taking FINRA’s SIE exam. Students will learn about the different types of investment assets, how securities transactions are implemented, and what role advisors play in recommending and executing investment strategies for real-world clients.

Written by an expert in this field, this resource:

  • Provides a comprehensive introduction to the concepts of investment planning for students at all levels
  • Complies with CFP Investment Planning course requirements
  • Is designed to help students prepare for the FINRA SIE exam
  • Provides introductory level explanations to help students understand broad concepts without being overwhelmed by technical information

This title features:

  • Overview of capital markets and asset classes
  • Tools for understanding and measuring investment risk and return
  • Portfolio management and investment strategies
  • Investment company operations
  • Discussion of educational accounts
  • Analysis of fixed income and equity securities
  • Explanation of alternative investments
  • Quantitative calculations, such as present and future values, tax exempt equivalents, and lump sum requirements

New in this edition:

  • updated tax figures
  • latest information on the regulatory and industry agencies, including the federal reserve and the FDIC
  • updates on federal government agency and government sponsored enterprise bonds
  • latest information on educational accounts, such as Coverdell accounts
  • updates on annuities, including the advantages and disadvantages of annuities
  • review of the different types of investment risk
  • latest on real estate investing, including the advantages and disadvantages of REITs.

Topics Covered:

  • Capital markets
  • Asset classes and risk
  • Trading
  • Investment companies
  • Investment risk and return
  • Equity securities
  • Options and option strategies
  • Hedging and derivative securities
  • Portfolio management
  • Alternative investments
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Publication Date August 17, 2022
ISBN 978-1-954096-53-0
Page Count 402
Author Marvin Keene, Ph.D.
Edition 2nd
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