OCS One Card System©

  • Organize Activities to Increase Production
  • Contact Customers and Build Relationships
  • Sell Need Based Financial Solutions

About the One Card System

The Original One Card System is the proven financial services success method developed and validated by renowned industry expert Al Granum. Thoroughly updated to reflect recent changes in the marketplace, today countless producers leverage Al’s timeless concepts of activity management, 6-3 prospecting and promotion, and the 10-3-1 ratio to boost their sales efforts.

What is the One Card System?

The One Card System is an integrated suite of productivity tools and processes perfected by Al Granum, 2002 John Newton Russell Award winner. The OCS is really three fully integrated systems in one: a suite of Organizational tools, a Contact management system and a Sales process.

The One Card System is the only agent activity management system in the financial services industry proven to quickly grow a producer’s active client list – and therefore sales. When you add in a full assortment of training and implementation products and services, it’s a turnkey system that any agency can install quickly and correctly.

The One Card System remains the classic mode of agency sales effectiveness – reflecting Al Granum’s philosophy that career success comes through building a large, active client base The One Card System enables a process of building relationships with people – recognizing that sales people sell products but customers purchase relationships.

Who Uses the One Card System?

The One Card System is the agency and sales management system of choice for a host of producers – both those new to the business as well as Top of the Table members – as well as the many of the worlds most recognized financial services firms.