Critical Issues in CGL, 4th Edition

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Critical Issues in CGL is the comprehensive, go-to source for information regarding several obscure, yet critical coverage issues that commonly arise in the use of the Commercial General Liability form.

Equip yourself with the information and wherewithal you need to confidently apply and defend this broad and complex coverage form. See the “Details” section below for more information on the topics covered and what’s new in this 4th edition!

Critical Issues in CGL, a part of the Commercial Lines Series, is the comprehensive, go-to source for information regarding several issues that commonly arise in the use of the Commercial General Liability form. The book provides the reader with awareness of some rather obscure, yet critical coverage issues, such as additional insureds and contract liability, what is an occurrence, business risk exclusions, cyber liability, cannabis, and violent events.

Some of these issues are tried and true and have been long tested in the courts. Other issues are newly-arising, have not yet had the opportunity to be fully examined by the courts, may not completely be covered by the CGL policy, or could render CGL policy holders severely underinsured.

This book will enable the professional to:

  • Understand the way the CGL policy applies to additional insureds and contractual liability
  • Understand the different exclusions that accompany business risk
  • Follow the courts through the murky determination of what constitutes an occurrence under the CGL policy
  • Navigate arising cyber issues, examine the ISO Cyber Policy and the NAIC Cyber model law
  • Explore the history of cannabis criminalization, legalization, and the accompanying CGL issues

New in the 4th Edition:

  • Thorough examinations of several “hot” topics and the accompanying court cases that arise under the CGL policy
  • A new chapter on insuring cannabis risks and exposures
  • Expanded coverage of the ever-looming issue of cyber exposures
  • A new chapter examining mass casualty incident coverage under the CGL
  • A chart depicting the state laws regarding cannabis legality or decriminalization
  • A copy of the NAIC Cyber Model law and ISO Cyber policy

Topics Covered:

  • The Business Risk Doctrine
  • The Business Risk Exclusions
  • Additional Insureds and Contractual Liability
  • Risk Shifting
  • Typical Additional Insured Endorsements
  • Contractual Liability Issues
  • Certificate of Insurance Issues
  • One Occurrence, Two Occurrences
  • Policy Wordings and Occurrences Determinations
  • External Factors Impacting Occurrence Determinations
  • Cyber Liability
  • Curbing Cybercrime
  • Electronic Data
  • A Risk Management Approach to Cyber
  • Cannabis and the CGL
  • Cannabis Product Liability Lawsuits
  • Mass Violence Incidents and the CGL
  • And more! See the “Table of Contents” section for a full list of topics

Both the FC&S Bulletins and National Underwriter’s Commercial General Liability Coverage Guide (Malecki, Thamann, Smith, 2017) dedicate hundreds of pages to the CGL coverage form. The CGL coverage guide is one of the most consistently used CGL reference sources in the industry. This Critical Issues in CGL book was developed as a logical progression from the best-selling CGL coverage guide.

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SKU 5050004
Publication Date August 22, 2019
ISBN 978-1-949506-85-3
Page Count 368
Author Hannah E. Smith, Esq., Michael F. Aylward, Esq. Shaun McParland Baldwin, Esq. Gregory G. Deimling, CPCU, and Carol P. Keough, Esq
Edition 4
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