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Social Security & Medicare Facts is a one-stop guide for attorneys, CPAs, and retirement & financial planning professionals for advising on tax and policy changes affecting Social Security and Medicare.

Help your clients maximize their Social Security & Medicare benefits! Social Security & Medicare Facts is a one-stop guide for attorneys, CPAs, and retirement and financial planning professionals for advising on tax and policy changes affecting Social Security and Medicare. Organized in a unique and convenient question and answer format, this book helps professionals find exactly what they're looking for quickly and easily to solve clients' important planning issues in a timely manner. Fundamentals of Writing a Financial Plan, Second Edition provides a totally revised and unique approach to helping aspiring financial planners write a comprehensive financial plan. The book outlines how the CFP Board of Standards, Inc. 7-step planning process can be applied when writing a comprehensive financial plan for an individual or family.

The book not only highlights various elements involved in comprehensive financial planning, including estate, tax, cash flow, education planning, and much more—but also introduces important behavioral perspectives and communication techniques. As a way to synthesize these pieces and learn how the plan writing process unfolds, students follow a running case—the Hubble family.

Details Section:

  • Updated numbers for 2024
  • Updated discussion of Social Security Trust Fund Solvency
  • Added information about qualified aliens eligible for Social Security
  • Greater coverage of Special Minimum benefit
  • Updated retirement and survivor benefits
  • Expanded coverage of state rules of Medicaid
  • Updated costs and coverages
  • A thorough review of the new 7-step systematic financial planning process.
  • A description of the regulatory environment in which every financial planner operates.
  • An in-depth discussion of client communication and counseling techniques.
  • Financial planning approaches that can be applied to a variety of clients and client circumstances.
  • A chapter-by-chapter focus on analytical tools and techniques that can be used to evaluate client data.
  • An example of a complete written financial plan with explanations about how analyses lead to the recommendations.
  • Chapter-based learning aids, including access to a fully integrated Financial Planning Analysis Excel package and other online support materials, including video examples of client communication and counseling strategies.
  • Instructions on how to do calculations essential to creating a financial plan.
  • Numerous self-test questions to test comprehension of material.

New in the 2024 Edition:


  • Updated discussion of Social Security Trust Fund Solvency
  • Added information about qualified aliens eligible for Social Security
  • COVID-19 updates
  • Update of special monthly payment
  • Update of earnings for Trial Work Period
  • Updated Compassionate Allowance


  • Updates to achieving quarters of coverage.
  • Update to becoming fully insured.
  • Proof required to file for benefits expanded.
  • Right to appeal process expanded
  • Expanded coverage of Social Security hearing process and rights


  • Greater coverage of Special Minimum benefit
  • Changes in calculation of AIME
  • Update to determining Primary Insurance Amount
  • Changes to maximum family benefits
  • Expansion of coverage of beneficiaries affected by GPO and WEP
  • Update to Retirement Test
  • Addition of questions regarding Grace Year/Non-Service
  • Expansion of who must file annual report of earnings/who does not.
  • New checklist of what events can lead to loss of benefits by type of beneficiary.
    • Retired, Disabled, Spouse, Divorced Spouse, Child Under 18, Child 18 or 19 in school, Disabled Child, Widow/Widower, Disabled Widow/Widower, Surviving Divorced Spouse, Mother or Father, Surviving Divorced Mother or Father, Parent


  • Update on changes of state taxation of Social Security benefits
  • Payroll tax amount updates
  • Taxation of wages changes
  • Update to coverage on “de minimus”
  • Non-Cash tips as wages
  • Current plans to increase payroll taxes for Social Security
  • Planned modification of COLA calculations
  • Explanation of how R-CPI-E works
  • Plans to change PIA.
  • Plans to increase special minimum benefits for lower wage individuals.


  • Updated retirement and survivor benefits
  • End of Continued Assistance to Rail Workers Act
  • How Military or Reserve service can count as creditable service.
  • Expansion of definition of war/national emergency regarding creditable service
  • Effect of Merchant Marine duty
  • Changes in Tier I and Tier II benefits
  • Expanded comparison of Railroad Retirement vs. Social Security
  • New Section - Unemployment and Sickness benefits
  • Update of RR retirement taxes
  • Update coverage of taxation of benefit


  • Update to Thrift Savings Plan
  • Update in military salaries
  • Addition of Appeal process and correction of records
  • Elimination of Special Survivor Indemnity Allowance
  • New coverage of VA Healthcare including basic VA service
  • Addition of PACT Act
  • Updated Disability Benefits
  • Changes to SGLI
  • Changes to Veterans Insurance rates


  • Update to COLA
  • Discussion of Equal COLA Act and Fair COLA For Seniors Act
  • Update of CSRS and FERS benefits
  • Updated AD&D coverage
  • Changes to Section 218 Agreements


  • Updates costs and coverages
  • Expanded coverages of Part B
  • Changes made to Part D and elimination of 5% copay.
  • Changes/modification to Telemedicine coverage
  • Costs of Part A
  • Costs of Part B
  • Costs of Part D
  • Updated coverage of assistance under QMB, QDWI
  • Updated deductible amounts.
  • Expanded coverage of Medicare Advantage
  • Addition of new coverage of Mental Health benefits
  • Expansion of organ transplant
  • Coverages under Part B-ID
  • New coverage of Part B Only
  • Expanded coverage of ESRD
  • Changes in MOOP
  • Coverage of Part D Drug price negotiations
  • Addition of expanded supplementary benefits until Medicare Advantage
  • Updated costs and coverage of Medigap


  • Expanded coverage of state rules of Medicaid
  • Expanded coverage of PACE program
  • New coverage of Medicare Part E programs


  • All appendices updated.

Key Topics

  • Retirement and disability
  • Same sex marriage
  • Spousal benefits/ children's benefits
  • Parental benefits
  • Widower benefits
  • Lump sum death benefits
  • Railroad retirement
  • Service member and veteran benefits
  • Government employees
  • Medicare and MedicaidCFP Board's 7-step financial planning process.
  • Step-by-step guide to formulating a financial plan and presenting it to a client.
  • Guides for different types of financial planning such as life insurance planning, long-term care insurance planning, and retirement planning.
  • Comprehensive Hubble case.
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Publication Date December 13, 2023
ISBN 978-1-58852-827-8
Page Count 1066
Author Michael D. Thomas, J.D., Marc Kiner, CPA, Contributing Author, Jim Blair, Contributing Author
Edition 2024
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Jim Blair

Jim Blair is the lead Social Security consultant at Premier Social Security Consulting, LLC. A former Social Security Administrator, Operations Supervisor and a District Manager, Mr. Blair has over thirty-five years’ experience in helping individuals manage their Social Security benefits, retirement, survivors, disability, and health insurance.

Marc Kiner

Marc Kiner is the President of Premier Social Security Consulting, LLC, and has thirty years’ experience in public accounting. Marc’s primary areas of service are to privately-held businesses and to individuals. He consults with clients on a variety of complex tax and business issues. Marc obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance and a master’s degree from the University of Cincinnati. He is licensed to practice as a CPA in the State of Ohio.

Michael D. Thomas, J.D.

Michael D. Thomas, is an author and consultant and has served as the Manager of Online Product Development and as a Senior Editor with the National Underwriter Company, a division of ALM Media. In addition, Mike has served as a consultant to the State of Ohio Department of Medicaid and as a writer for “The Digital Broker Podcast”, which focuses on insurance technology and operations. Mike currently works with a major commercial healthcare insurance company and provider of Medicare and Medicaid services. In addition to authoring 2021 Healthcare Reform Facts, Mike has also authored 2021 Social Security & Medicare Facts, and  has been responsible for the editorial process and development of other healthcare and insurance publications including Advisor’s Guide to Long Term Care 2nd Edition, Social Security & Medicare Facts, ERISA Facts, and Health Savings Accounts Facts for The National Underwriter Company as well as designing, implementing, and managing the NUPro Healthcare Reform online service. Mike has also authored numerous articles on healthcare reform, Social Security, Medicare and Insurance issues.  He has developed, hosted, and taught webinars on Healthcare Reform and Social Security, including “The Affordable Care Act and the Employer Mandate”, “The Affordable Care Act and the Cadillac Tax – Use the Delay for Your Advantage!”, “How to Successfully Navigate the Latest Changes to the Affordable Care Act”, and “The Impact of Social Security on Retirement Plans”.

Prior to joining National Underwriter, Mike spent over twenty-five years with LexisNexis®, where he was responsible for the editorial content and new product development of new online and traditional legal products, including Health Law, Insurance Law, Social Security Law, Labor & Employment Law, Family Law, as well as other legal research tools. In addition, he worked as a Field Agent for Knights of Columbus Insurance specializing in life, health, disability income, long-term care insurance as well as annuity sales.

Mike has a Bachelor of Arts from Tufts University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Dayton.