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The Tools & Techniques of Trust Administration

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What are trusts? Why do we need trusts? Find detailed answers to these questions in the first edition of this title, which takes an in-depth look at the issues most commonly faced by professionals who create, administer, modify, or terminate trusts. 

What are trusts? Why do we need trusts? Find detailed answers to these questions in The Tools & Techniques of Trust Administration, which addresses fundamental concepts related to trusts. It provides an in-depth look at the issues most commonly faced by professional advisers who are creating, administering, modifying, or terminating a trust, such as:

The process of creating a trust

  • Selecting trust professionals, including trustees, trust protectors, and investment advisers and other professionals
  • Deciding how to fund a trust
  • Deciding how to protect and invest trust assets
  • How to meet tax and other legal obligations while administering a trust
  • How to fulfill the grantor's wishes with respect to distributions to the designated beneficiaries

In addition, this book contains important information for advisers about what trusts can, and can't, do to meet the long-term planning needs of clients.

Topics Covered:

This first edition features 23 brand new chapters on topics related to trust information, covering:

  • State and federal laws governing trusts administration
  • The rights of beneficiaries, including disclaimers, trust accounting, and maintaining relationships with the professionals who are advising and serving the trust
  • Tax filing requirements for trust administrators
  • The roles that various advisers serve, including trustees, trust protectors, attorneys, CPAs, and investment advisors
  • Using family and friends as trustees vs. corporate trustees
  • Trust forms
  • Valuation of trust assets
  • And More! See the “Table of Contents” section for a full list of topics

As with all the resources in the highly acclaimed Leimberg Library, every area covered in this book is accompanied by the tools, techniques, practice tips, and examples you can use to help your clients successfully navigate the complex course of trust administration and confidently meet their needs.

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