Standing Order Customers

What does standing order mean?

Convenient Automatic Renewal Service - National Underwriter’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
To ensure you remain up-to-date with the latest developments, you’ll automatically receive annual editions on our 30-day trial basis with no obligation to purchase. You will receive a notice each year prior to receiving your new edition. If you do not want the new edition, call 1-800-543-0874 or email us at by the reply date on the notice. You’ll have 10 days to respond; if not and you receive an unwanted edition, you may return it at our expense. Upon receipt, you’ll still be covered under National Underwriter’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, giving you a full 30 days in which to review, purchase, or return your order at your expense. If you don’t want the edition, you may return it within 30 days and write “cancel” on the invoice. You may cancel this automatic renewal service at any time simply by notifying The National Underwriter Company, a division of ALM Media, LLC.

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