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Download an eBook to Your Nook Color

Before You Begin...

Downloading eBooks purchased from the National Underwriter Reference Bookstore to your Nook Color is easy, and there are only a couple of simple steps to follow. An Adobe ID is required and necessary to ensure that your eBooks are accessible to only you on the devices that you authorize. Transferring your eBooks to your Nook Color will be done simply connecting your Nook Color to your PC or Mac. Reading your eBooks on your Nook Color will be done through the default Nook Color ebook reader.


Step One

Install and Authorize Digital Editions on Your PC or Mac

  1. An Adobe ID is required. If you do not already have one, please visit the Adobe website and obtain a free Adobe ID.
  2. Also on the Adobe website, Download Adobe Digital Editions. Once downloaded, install Digital Editions.
  3. Once installed, run Digital Editions. You must then authorize your computer using your Adobe ID and password.


Step Two

Download Your Purchased eBook to Your PC or Mac

  1. You must first download your purchased eBook to your PC or Mac before it can transferred to your Nook Color. On your PC or Mac, select the eBook that you want to download from your My Downloadable Products page.
  2. When prompted, click your specific browser's 'Open File' option or choose Digital Editions as the application to open your eBook.
  3. Once your eBook opens in Digital Editions, it has been successfully downloaded. You may now exit Digital Editions


Step Three

Transfer Your Purchased eBook to Your Nook Color

  1. Connect your Nook Color to your PC or Mac, and open Digital Editions. Digital Editions will detect your Nook Color and will display the 'Device Setup Assistant'. Click 'Authorize Device'. If prompted, enter your Adobe ID and password and click 'Authorize'. Once your Nook Color has been authorized, click 'Finished'.
  2. In Digital Editions, switch to Library View by clicking the Library View icon. An icon labeled 'My NOOK Color' will appear in the left pane.
  3. Drag and drop your eBook from the right pane onto the 'My NOOK Color' icon. Your eBook has just been transferred to your Nook Color. You may disconnect your Nook Color from your computer.
  4. To access your eBook on your Nook Color, go into the main menu and tap 'Library'.
  5. In the Library menu tap My Stuff and then tap 'My Files'.
  6. Tap the 'Digital Editions folder', and tap on your eBook file.