eBook Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eBook taxation policy?

  • By default, electronically delivered products are considered to be shipped to your credit card billing address for taxation purposes. Where digital and shipped products are purchased together, the shipping address will be used for taxation purposes.


What is the return policy?

  • eBooks are non-returnable and non-refundable.


What happens if my computer crashes and I lose my digital library?

  • You may download an individual Digital Content file up to four (4) times from your order history on www.nationalunderwriter.com. So if something happens to the eBook file on your computer you simply use one of your allotted downloads.


Can I copy and print text from my National Underwriter eBooks?

  • You may copy, paste or print up to twenty (20) pages of text of any eBook every 45 days unless otherwise stated for any particular National Underwriter eBook.
  • You may annotate the text contained in any National Underwriter eBook.
  • You are not permitted to modify, alter, revise or otherwise change any National Underwriter eBook.
  • You are not permitted to create derivative works from any National Underwriter eBook.


Can I share my National Underwriter eBook?

  • You are not permitted to share, move, copy, reproduce, network or otherwise transfer any National Underwriter eBooks to any computer or other device of any other  person.  


I have two computers I actively use and an eReader device. Can I read my National Underwriter eBooks on all of my devices?

  • You are allowed to transfer/share your National Underwriter eBooks on up to six devices that support Adobe Digital Editions and that have been licensed to you. The Adobe Digital Editions website provides more details on how to access your eBook library from multiple computers/devices.


The eBook End User License Agreement has additional information about the terms and conditions of purchasing a National Undewriter eBook.