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COVID-19 as a Trigger for Force Majeure: A Global Survey


NEW eBook Report! Understand the underwriting risks and claims-related court rulings on force majeure

Insurance law is interpreted on a state-by-state basis. Although business interruption coverage is determined by insurance policy provisions, courts tend to interpret insurance policies broadly, often finding for policyholders, even when a claim is denied by a carrier.

With this book, insurance professionals will be better prepared to:

  • Address claims based on force majeure,
  • Estimate their odds of prevailing in court, especially in claims related to the coronavirus,
  • Understand the rulings on force majeure generally and as they apply to insurance contracts in the states in which carriers do business,
  • Understand the risks they are asked to underwrite when a client wants to buy force majeure insurance, and
  • Advise clients, especially risk managers who are looking to add force majeure coverage to their insurance policies, with information on how that coverage could apply in a particular state in which the client does business.

The better informed an insurance broker is about the nuances of force majeure, for example, the better the broker will be at finding the right coverage for the client and for helping the client assess the risks of buying the coverage for a particular business in a specific state.

Updated Quarterly: The pandemic is continually changing the environment, and the long-term effects on businesses and their agreements will be reviewed for months to come. The next update will be available October 30, 2020 including new filings and cases.

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