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COVID-19 as a Trigger for Force Majeure: A Global Survey


NEW Title! Determining whether contracts will be enforced or excused under force majeure

The potential impact of force majeure in the midst of the pandemic may be overwhelming. Although many issues are still emerging and being discussed, businesses are examining agreements and attempting to determine whether the pandemic is considered a force majeure event that excuses performance.

While parties consider the full impact of the pandemic on revenues and expenses, insurance professionals can be armed with actionable guidance from COVID-19 as a Trigger for Force Majeure: A Global Survey. Whether the business is in the US or operating globally, the critical questions are answered directly in this timely publication. No need to sift through extraneous language to get to the heart of the issues for your company and clients.

Updates: The pandemic is continually changing the environment and the long-term effects on businesses and their agreements will be reviewed for months to come. COVID-19 as a Trigger for Force Majeure: A Global Survey will be updated at least quarterly (with more frequent updates released depending on emerging litigation or other developments).

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