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2020 Social Security & Medicare Facts

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Social Security & Medicare Facts is a one-stop guide for attorneys, CPAs, and retirement and financial planning professionals for advising on tax and policy changes affecting Social Security and Medicare.

2021 editions will be available December 2020! The new edition contains updates on the latest Social Security and Medicare information, including benefit calculations, eligibility criteria, costs, and maximization strategies. Contact us to pre-order or learn more: 1-800-543-0874 or [email protected]

Help your clients maximize their Social Security & Medicare benefits! Social Security & Medicare Facts is a one-stop guide for attorneys, CPAs, and retirement and financial planning professionals for advising on tax and policy changes affecting Social Security and Medicare. Organized in a unique and convenient Q&A format, this book helps professionals find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily to solve clients’ important planning issues in a timely manner.

This resource features:

  • Hundreds of easy-to-read questions and answers that comprehensively cover all aspects of Social Security & Medicare
  • How Social Security retirement and disability benefits are determined
  • How to incorporate Social Security & Medicare benefits into planning techniques
  • Explanations of the effects of other types of income on Social Security Benefits
  • Filing and timing requirements for Medicare coverage
  • Information regarding Medicare claims and appeals process
  • Information regarding Medigap insurance coverage
  • And more!

New in the 2020 Edition:

  • New discussions of planning techniques designed to maximize benefts
  • Dozens of new questions, expanding coverage of nearly every topic as well as updating benefits amounts and costs to 2020 values
  • A new section addressing state taxation of Social Security benefits
  • Updated and additional information on how benefits can be reduced or lost through the Windfall Elimination Provisions to the Social Security Act and Government Pension Offset
  • Expanded coverage of denial of coverage and appeal processes
  • Expanded coverage of Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medigap policies, and Medicaid, including the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act and elimination of the popular C and F plans
  • Updated coverage of Medicaid benefits, as well as changes in eligibility standards and work requirements
  • Updated case studies illustrating how to maximize benefits strategies in real-life scenarios
  • Additional information regarding Delayed Retirement Credits and Self-employment Insurance
  • Updated information regarding rights and benefits for same-sex marriages
  • Expanded coverage of Railroad Retirement benefits and benefits for federal government employees, including new questions relating to FERS and Civil Service Retirement programs
  • Additional coverage of military retirement benefits including expansion of coverage of new Blended Retirement program, military disability pay, and coverage for National Guard members and reservists
  • The effect of “excess earnings” on benefits for Social Security recipients
  • Expanded coverage of retirement and disability benefits, as well as mother and father’s benefits, spousal and surviving spouse benefits, and children’s benefits

Topics Covered:

  • Retirement & disability benefits
  • Filing for benefits
  • Loss of Social Security benefits due to “excess” retirement earnings
  • Social Security taxes
  • Railroad Retirement benefits
  • Benefits for federal government employees
  • Medicare Part A, Hospital Insurance
  • Medicare Part B, Medical Insurance
  • Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Part D, Prescription Drug Insurance
  • Medigap insurance
  • Medicaid coverage and eligibility
  • How to submit Medicare claims and file appeals
  • Social Security coverage
  • Benefit computation
  • Taxation of Social Security benefits
  • Wages & self-employment income
  • Benefits for service members & veterans
  • And More! See the “Table of Contents” section for a full list of topics 
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Publication Date December 12, 2019
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ISBN 978-1-949506-76-1
Page Count 856
Author Michael D. Thomas, J.D.
Edition 2020
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