2020 Social Security & Medicare Facts

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Social Security & Medicare Facts is a one-stop guide for attorneys, CPAs, and retirement and financial planning professionals for advising on tax and policy changes affecting Social Security and Medicare.

Help your clients maximize their Social Security & Medicare benefits! Social Security & Medicare Facts is a one-stop guide for attorneys, CPAs, and retirement and financial planning professionals for advising on tax and policy changes affecting Social Security and Medicare. Organized in a unique and convenient Q&A format, this book helps professionals find exactly what they’re looking for quickly and easily to solve clients’ important planning issues in a timely manner.

This resource features:

  • Hundreds of easy-to-read questions and answers that comprehensively cover all aspects of Social Security & Medicare
  • How Social Security retirement and disability benefits are determined
  • How to incorporate Social Security & Medicare benefits into planning techniques
  • Explanations of the effects of other types of income on Social Security Benefits
  • Filing and timing requirements for Medicare coverage
  • Information regarding Medicare claims and appeals process
  • Information regarding Medigap insurance coverage
  • And more!

New in the 2020 Edition:

  • New discussions of planning techniques designed to maximize benefts
  • Dozens of new questions, expanding coverage of nearly every topic as well as updating benefits amounts and costs to 2020 values
  • A new section addressing state taxation of Social Security benefits
  • Updated and additional information on how benefits can be reduced or lost through the Windfall Elimination Provisions to the Social Security Act and Government Pension Offset
  • Expanded coverage of denial of coverage and appeal processes
  • Expanded coverage of Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medigap policies, and Medicaid, including the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act and elimination of the popular C and F plans
  • Updated coverage of Medicaid benefits, as well as changes in eligibility standards and work requirements
  • Updated case studies illustrating how to maximize benefits strategies in real-life scenarios
  • Additional information regarding Delayed Retirement Credits and Self-employment Insurance
  • Updated information regarding rights and benefits for same-sex marriages
  • Expanded coverage of Railroad Retirement benefits and benefits for federal government employees, including new questions relating to FERS and Civil Service Retirement programs
  • Additional coverage of military retirement benefits including expansion of coverage of new Blended Retirement program, military disability pay, and coverage for National Guard members and reservists
  • The effect of “excess earnings” on benefits for Social Security recipients
  • Expanded coverage of retirement and disability benefits, as well as mother and father’s benefits, spousal and surviving spouse benefits, and children’s benefits

Topics Covered:

  • Retirement & disability benefits
  • Filing for benefits
  • Loss of Social Security benefits due to “excess” retirement earnings
  • Social Security taxes
  • Railroad Retirement benefits
  • Benefits for federal government employees
  • Medicare Part A, Hospital Insurance
  • Medicare Part B, Medical Insurance
  • Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Part D, Prescription Drug Insurance
  • Medigap insurance
  • Medicaid coverage and eligibility
  • How to submit Medicare claims and file appeals
  • Social Security coverage
  • Benefit computation
  • Taxation of Social Security benefits
  • Wages & self-employment income
  • Benefits for service members & veterans
  • And More! See the “Table of Contents” section for a full list of topics 
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